Applications of Systematic Exercise Prescription

Applications of Systematic Exercise Prescription

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Join Dr. Jordan Shallow and Dr. Pat Davidson as they discuss principles-based systems of exercise selection and execution. This special two-day event is focused on creating adaptable models that are focused around getting reproducible results, rather than creating replicated programs.

The first day is exclusively lecture-based and has open registration, where the second day is a limited hands-on practical. That gives you the tools to make better decisions in real-time. 

Whether you’re an athlete, coach or clinician there is much to be gained from creating a streamlined approach around exercise prescription.


Hybrid Performance Method Gym
576 NW 27th Street,
Miami, FL

Dates: November 6/7 2021

Day One Only:  $299.99 (Applied Theory) 

Day One and Two: $999.99 (Applied Theory and Practical)- SPACE IS LIMITED

Digital LIVE Stream of Day One: $299.99